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    Mentalist For Event


    Mentalist For Event

    Bounded Team

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    0506-399914☎️Eli Altar



    Intel did not disappoint! Eli gave a great show and amazed us all!! highly recommend!!


    I’ve always been skeptical… but you can’t help but enjoy Eli’s show!


    How to choose a mentalist

    for your  company event?

    There are a lot of artists, but how do we choose the one that we won’t be disappointed,

    So what are the parameters we should check and research for a great Mentalist

    Proven experience

    One picture is worth a thousand words and this is true for a large number of pictures witch

    prove the number of events and people who took part in the experience and put their trust in the artist

    The nature of the show

    When we book an event we need to pay attention Can the artist provide clean content

    without jokes that would be less appropriate for the specific event.

    Adjusting the age of the audience

    Adults or teenagers? An audience with a different that kind of rhythm needs to be taken into account.

    audience size, location and  length of the show

    Questions you should come prepared in advance before calling the artist


    אמן חושים

    0506-399914☎️Eli Altar 



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