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    Mentalist For Bar Mitzah


    Mentalist For Bar Mitzvah

    אמן חושים לבר מצווה שבת בר מצווה



    0506-399914☎️Eli Altar



    Intel did not disappoint! Eli gave a great show and amazed us all!! highly recommend!!


    I’ve always been skeptical… but you can’t help but enjoy Eli’s show!


    Bar Mitzvah shows


    You can choose the type of show that suits you:

    stage show

    The show combines all the guests and the bar mitzvah child in a show of 35:00-40:00 minutes

    The show includes effects of revealing memories, names and influencing people’s choices

    influencing techniques in which the entire guests and takes part from the show.

    Close-up show/ table hopping

    Mntalism and mind reading among the guests, Eli Altar comes to each and every one of them during the entire event and lets them feel the amazement one on one

    Whether it’s at a reception or moving between the tables Eli makes sure they feel an astonishment that breaksthe limits of logic.



    אמן חושים

    0506-399914☎️Eli Altar 



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