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    Eli Alter specializes in the field of mind reading magic and influence.

    Eli use psychological manipulations that make viewers feel the phenomena of the parapsychology, whether it’s knowing what object a person is thinking about now, what number he will think of and even making a decision by choosing a particular word from thousands of words.

    Eli says that thought creates reality and reshapes the term of psychological magic “our thoughts can be shaped, the mind is flexible enough to create things that will go beyond imagination” – Eli Altar.

    Eli has appeared before the biggest companies in the market such as: oracle, IBM, HP and enjoys taking part in family and intimate events and amazes everyone around him.

    With the help of a variety of ideas, among other things, Eli takes part in promoting products at exhibitions and attracts customers directly to the customer booth


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      "Fascinating and humorous "

      Artist of the 6 sense
      Telepathy artist
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